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Julia Mann

Through the rush of dynamism and vibrancy of the works, everyone should become more aware of their inner strength.

Julia Mann

A life full of colour

I'm often asked if I know in advance what the artwork will look like in the end. There is no clear answer, because you have to look more closely here. A work of art is a process of creation that arises unconsciously.


The root of my creation is the trust in my intuitive vein. I follow my aesthetic sensibility, every color, every brush stroke and every movement is unique. I let my emotions flow. My artworks reflect my innermost being.


My expressive artworks radiate with passion, they transport my deep emotions outward through their unique color compositions. The harmonious interplay of flowing colors should captivate the viewer and have a positive effect on their own person. The symphony of colors should invite to enjoy the moment, to dream and to let the soul dangle.


Becoming more aware of one's strength is an important theme that is also treated in my art. Because of the different compositions I can become clearer to my own energetic consciousness. Through the rush of dynamism and liveliness of the works, each person should become more aware of his inner strength.


My art should serve as a source of inspiration, it should give people a sense of lightness and joy in life. The hearts should fill with warmth and the good mood should spread.


My motivation for me is to capture a moment, the moment of feeling. The materials begin to "speak" and give an answer to the inspiration. The artworks should make my deep inner feelings visible.


The self-taught artist from Mainz, who was born in Landau in 1987, has found the true meaning of her life in the visual arts. She discovered a passion for art at the age of 19 and painted her first abstract female motif. After that, art somewhat fell out of her focus, however, her mother, an expert in the field of abstract painting, steadily accompanied her growth process. She taught her the feeling for colors and the skills to use the painting utensils correctly.


Mann made the decision to pursue her creative urges at the beginning of the Corona Crisis. Her first exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mainz was like a kind of liberation for her. Finally she could give all the feelings and unbridled creativity the space they deserved.


She is a visual artist from Germany whose paintings have already found favor with national and international private collectors. The particularly colorful and powerful style of representation is intended to visually challenge the viewer, inviting him to dive into another carefree world and become aware of their own strength.


The artist is currently dealing with the theme of self-realization. The development of their own personality and the further development of the abilities of their own person is the focus.

Julia Mann
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